March 21-24

Not much happened at the office this week. It was unusually quiet because Teri is on a vacation so I did not get to hang out in her office. On Monday I just hung out with Dee and Gary and fetched paperwork as usual, and I was filled in and told all the details of a shooting that occurred over the weekend. On Tuesday, I did not do much again, but Gary and Mike and I went to the vigil in Cleveland Park for Officer Jacobs. Some people spoke and prayed, and the whole thing was over in about 30 minutes. After that, Gary took me back to the office to get my car and we went home. On Wednesday, I got to the office and found out I just missed Jeff and Gary leaving to go to a tanker fire where the driver was trapped in the vehicle and unfortunately burned to death. I was going to wait for them to come back to the office and get all the details, but it was taking longer than they thought so I left a little early because nothing was going on.

On Thursday, I went to Officer Jacobs’ funeral in the morning (yes I skipped school to go – don’t kill me). I did not leave school early enough to make it to the office to ride with one of them, so I just went straight there on my own. They sang a few songs and some of his friends from the police department gave tributes. The whole funeral lasted an hour, and then there was a procession to the cemetery. I did not go to the actual burial because it would have taken hours longer and it was already super crowded, so I just went back to the office. It was a good thing I got out of the funeral when I did because Gary left a little after me and was stuck in the parking lot for 2 hours. The computer system went down around 1 p.m. so we went home early because there was nothing they could do without being able to enter information or write reports or even print reports.

This next week is spring break from school so I do not have to go to the office, but I will still probably go a few days. I know I am going on Monday because there will most likely be some autopsies from the weekend and there will be a lot of things to do, so it should be interesting.



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