February 15, 17-19

Monday I had off from school, so I was able to go to the office a few hours earlier than usual. Kent was on call this week, so I was hoping that something would happen because I had not gotten to ride with him yet to a scene. No calls came in, and the office ended up closing at 1:30 because of weather. So all I ended up doing on Monday was fetching Bojangles and doing homework.

The same happened on Wednesday and Thursday – no calls came in while I was there, and for some reason it seemed like no one was ever at the office. All I did on both days was do homework. Friday was a little more interesting but not by much. Kent had gone out earlier for a baby death and there had also been a natural but that was it. Kent and Teri knew I was in the office, but Mike didn’t, and while I was there a call came in for a gunshot victim. For some reason Mike went on the call instead of Kent, I did not even know a call came in, and Mike didn’t know I was at the office, so from all that confusion Mike accidentally left me behind. Gary thought it was hilarious. I was not as amused.

Hopefully something will happen next week while I am there, because sitting there doing nothing gets old pretty quickly and there is only so much homework I can do before I want to throw myself into traffic.

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