Crime Scene Procedures

No two crime scenes are exactly alike. Even though some may seem extremely similar, there is always something different. Crime scene investigators (CSIs) are usually one of the first people on a scene and their job is extremely important.

One aspect of a crime scene is location. Crime scenes can be located anywhere, but special procedures are required for each one. For example, if a crime scene is outdoors, a CSI should use stepping plates so they are not stepping directly onto the ground and possibly contaminating evidence. They also must take wind strength, weather, and length since discovery of the scene into consideration when collecting evidence. If a crime scene (such as burglary) occurs indoors, a CSI must be prepared to talk to the homeowners. Additionally, the CSI has to know whether to take items from the home for further examination based on the crime committed there.

If a crime is committed in a car, the CSI may need to take extensive evidence, sometimes going as far as to take a seat covering or taking the carpet of the car out to examine and take evidence. Fingerprints are often taken from cars and tape is used to lift evidence from the materials of the seats and carpets. If the crime scene is a car or somebody’s property, the CSI must be prepared to be respectful of the property and consider carefully if they need to take an object as evidence or not.

Although no crime scene is the same as others, some procedures remain the same. A CSI is a crucial part of evidence collection as usually, the evidence collected will lead back to the person who committed the crime and help bring that person to justice and closure to the family or victim of a crime.

Source: “Introduction to Crime Scenes.” University of Derby. 10 July 2014. YouTube clip. 9 November 2015.

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